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Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals

The new EU chemicals regulation REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) came into effect on June 1 2007. REACH requires that the chemical industry registers all existing and new substances with the European Chemicals Agency (ECA) in Helsinki, Finland. About 30,000 existing substances will need to be registered within the 11 year “phase-in period.”
Huntsman is well prepared for REACH and welcomes its objectives of ensuring adequate protection of human health and the environment, which are consistent with our own corporate philosophy. Huntsman’s EHS team, together with our industry partners in the European Chemical Industry Federation (CEFIC), has been closely monitoring the development of REACH since the White Paper was published in February 2001.
The timetable for REACH requires that pre-registration of substances takes place, between June 1 2008 and November 30 2008. There has been, as expected, no disruption when REACH entered into force in June 2007 and Huntsman will be working very closely with our suppliers and customers to ensure that all raw material substances that we purchase are pre-registered and that all substances that we manufacture and import for customers are pre-registered – thereby ensuring continuity of our business and of our customers’ businesses.