Huntsman Textile Effects Introduces NOVACRON® Deep Black MI-2000

Designed to bridge the gap of solid deep black shades in digital printing with reactive inks, NOVACRON Deep Black MI-2000 is the latest addition to Huntsman’s highly successful NOVACRON MI range. Using cutting edge MCT chemistry, the Huntsman inkjet group has created an ecological water-based ink for high-speed printing on cotton, viscose and silk that covers today’s market requirements for a reliable and shade stable deep black ink. Prior to launch, NOVACRON Deep Black MI-2000 was successfully tested under industrial conditions on a range of MIMAKI JV5 type plotters at reputed digital printing companies. The results showed excellent runability and shade stability with no impact on the print head life cycle. The new NOVACRON Deep Black MI-2000, which is based on Huntsman’s chemistry for reactive inks and sets, new benchmark for solid and stable black shades for printing on cotton, viscose or silk. The NOVACRON MI range is a step forward to facilitating the transition from screen printing to a more ecological, less natural resource consuming and sustainable digital printing method.

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