Huntsman Textile Effects has developed its core competencies from a broad range of technology platforms. We offer first class expertise in many fields to our customers. We deliver solutions to technical problems and add value to our customers’ products and processes.

Huntsman’s technical core competencies include:

  • High performance reactive dyes for coloration of cellulosic, wool and polyamide fibers
  • Specialty disperse dyes offering high light and wet fastness coloration of polyester
  • A wide range of finishing effect technologies giving comfort and easy care properties
  • Fluoresecent whitening products for cellulose, polyester, polyamide and polyacrylic fibers
  • Technologies offering protection from stains, water, fire, fungus, microbes and static
  • Processing auxiliaries for pre-treatment, dyeing and printing processes

Click on the video links below to find out more about the various innovation practices that Huntsman Textile Effects is doing to engage the textile industry!

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